• What is PSN?

    PSN is nothing but PlayStation Network. It is a multiple purpose digital entertainment services provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment which aimed to increase the users for the PlayStation video game consoles, but soon it extended its web in the field of smartphones, tablets, high definition televisions and many more. According to a database, it has over 110 million users with over 70 million users active. PSN provides its service in the field of PlayStation Video, PlayStation Music, PlayStation Now, and many more.

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    PlayStation has launched many of the video game consoles and handhelds such as PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable. In gaming consoles, PlayStation is a complete package offering various cooperative and competitive multiplayer games along with solo games. It consists of software such as “ShareFactory” and “The Playroom”.

    ShareFactory is nothing but a screenshot, video and music editor which allows you to capture your favorite gaming moments. Whereas, The Playroom is the collection of short mini-games where you can turn on your living room into a TV studio, and from there you can broadcast live and share your information with different members. PSN has some unique features.