• The Best Password Managers Of 2019 - Dashlane

    One of the most interesting features of Dashlane is what it calls Site Breach Alerts. The idea is that if any of the sites you access has had a breach, Dashlane will notify you. Of course, this is limited to those sites that let it be known they have a breach, and generally more major sites. Even so, it's a cool feature that will both help you sleep better at night and lose sleep. Security is like that.

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    Dashlane can import from some other competitors, including 1Password, RoboForm and LastPass. It also offers a mechanism for importing from CSV files.

    You can choose to not store any password data on Dashlane's servers (which utilize a patented security architecture), but to do so, you must disable sync, which means you're responsible for managing, backing up and moving your password data across machines. Even so, it's a good option to have.

    The product also allows you to automatically change some passwords without having to do so manually. This allows you to have a constantly changing set of identity information, which removes any value to hackers that older passwords may have. LastPass has its own authentication app and, for some common websites, allows you to simply tap to authorize entrance.