• Smart Launcher 5 - Best Android Launchers in 2019

    Smart Launcher 5 is another lightweight and fast Android launcher app for 2019 that is developed, keeping users in mind. The app drawer consists of a sidebar that divides the apps according to a category. Within the initial setup process, it asks you for the default apps that you use, so you won’t be annoyed later by default app pop-ups. The Android launcher has an ultra-immersive mode where you can hide the navigation bar to get more space on the screen. Also, the ambient theme of the launcher app changes the theme color based on the wallpaper. Although gesture support is present, it is limited and more gestures unlock when you purchase the pro version. One downside is that ads show up in the app drawer in the free version which is undesired.

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    The way we arrange, organize, and interact with our apps on Android is called the launcher. Launchers usually consist of a series of home screens, where we can arrange app shortcuts and widgets and an app drawer. Every phone comes with a launcher, but when they drop the ball, there are endless third-party launchers that not only pick it up again but knock it clear out of the park.