• KlickAud is named as Best SoundCloud Converter?

    With Klickaud- SoundCloud Converter, You can just simply convert the soundcloud songs by entering an url in the above form. This is not only the reason, Klickaud have faster convertion will take less than a second for converting a soundcloud to Mp3 song. Ultimately, Klickaud enables the download of the song with it's actual names and so renaming after songs downloaded in your PC will get eliminated. This Song Renaming feature has been implemented on Normal Soundcloud Donwloader & Soundcloud Playlist Downloader

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    Sometime due to the technical issue happens in our server, we may are not able to process your request (Simply Downloading process will get stopped temporarily). At that time user may not be able to download soundcloud songs. But we have the perfect & best alternation for this problem and that is using our backup tool named as Forhub SCDL(SoundCloud Downloader). A simple soundcloud downloader tool desined for converting soundcloud to mp3 songs. This is simply a backup if klickaud.com fails to convert soundcloud songs