• Instagram Photo, Video, and IGTV Downloader Online

    Desktop Browsers

    1. Click the share button beneath the photo/video
    2. Click "Copy Link" option
    3. Paste the copied URL in the URL field above
    4. Click "Download" button
    5. Depending on the type of media (photo or video), you will see a "Download Photo" or "Download Video" button
    6. Click the "Download Photo" / "Download Video" button to start download

    In addition to the approach above, you can also use the DownloadGram Bookmarklet to instantly download Instagram photos and videos.

    Read complete article : https://izabo.net/.../instagram-downloader

    Instagram Photo, Video, and IGTV Downloader Online


    To install the Bookmarklet, simply drag and drop the Button (right top corner of the screen) to your browser bookmarks toolbar. When you are browsing an image/video on Instagram, click the new bookmarklet. This will open DownloadGram and start the download automatically.