• How To Monitor Your Computer’s GPU And CPU Temperature

    If your computer—and the hardware located within—are important to you, you had better monitor the temperature of two important hardware units: the GPU (graphics processing unit) and CPU (central processing unit). Regardless of whether you are using a laptop when gaming, or playing on a large PC desktop rig, knowing and constantly staying on top of these temperatures can help preserve your game play and maintain the future health of your computer hardware.

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    Windows 10 users, particularly Windows 10 users that use a laptop, should take extra care to constantly check and maintain an adequate temperature in their CPU and GPU. That’s because overheating is very common in these machines—overheating that can often lead to a total hardware failure.

    To help you avoid this fate, below we will explain just a few of the common reasons for PC overheating. We will then point out several strategies for monitoring your GPU and CPU temperatures to keep your machine and gaming setup in optimal working condition.