• Craigs Alternatives & Similar Sites-Decluttr

    Many of us have unused CDs, DVDs, games, etc. lying around. Maybe you have an outdated phone or even Lego. Well, in this case, you can use Decluttr to sell all those electronic stuff.

    They have a quite an easy process; you need to scan the item you want to sell, you can do this just by manually entering the barcode or scanning through their app.

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    Craigs Alternatives & Similar Sites-Decluttr

    Once you know the price and finish your order, you need to pack the items in a box with free labels provided by Decluttr and drop the box in the UPS office.

    They have a 5-star rating on the Trustpilot and accredited by BBB. Another plus with this website is, there are no listing or auction fees. To get started, just scan or manually enter the ISBN of your book and check the vendors interested in buying the book. You can always compare the prices to get the best price.

    Once you accept the price, you need to ship the book. The shipping is paid by the vendor mostly. You get paid after the vendor receives the shipment.

    It is important that the books are in good condition and packed in the right way to avoid returns. The payment is made through PayPal or check.