• Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - The Complete List

    Advanced Warfare was the first Call of Duty game to be developed solely by Sledgehammer Games. It is also the first time that Call of Duty took a dive head-first into sci-fi, as the events of the game are set mid-way through the 21stcentury, which is much farther into the future than any of the previous games went.

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    The game expands upon the old Call of Duty formula by introducing the Exoskeleton suit that, among other things, greatly improved character mobility, something that made for an even faster-paced gameplay experience. On top of that, it also featured extra abilities such as cloaking, a portable shield, a health boost, and more.

    The multiplayer remains similar, although the maps are crafted so as to capitalize on the increased mobility. In addition to the regular competitive mode, it also included a refreshed take on the Survival and Zombie modes.

    Ultimately, Advanced Warfare was released on all the same platforms as the previous two games, barring the Wii U which was skipped most likely due to the console’s technical limitations.