• Best Chest Locations & Landing Zones in Fortnite Battle Royale

    Southwest of Pleasant Park 

    To the southwest of Pleasant Park is a multi-level house surrounded by a circle of trees, which is easy to spot on the minimap. This house typically contains a few chests, along with some weapons and resources.

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    The best way to get to this house is by landing on it from the Battle Bus using your glider. Alternatively, if you end up at Pleasant Park, just start heading southwest and look for a house encircled by trees. Search the attic first, as there are usually a couple chests here. Afterward, head downstairs and look for a crack in the wall behind the staircase. Break down the wall with your pickaxe to reveal a secret room, which usually contains another loot chest. 

    Since the Season 5 update, Pleasant Park itself is usually fairly quiet, meaning you can choose to drop to the main town if you'd like, just be prepared to fight one or two other players when you do so.