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  • As with most collectibles in Fortnite, these are well scattered around the map, including the new desert biome areas. Players will not likely find all of them within a single match, especially if the storm circle closes in on a specific area. It does seem as though a lot of the cakes are close to each other, though, so it shouldn’t take more than a few matches to get the challenge done.

    Read full content : "Dance in Front of different Birthday Cakes" LOCATIONS in Fortnite! (ALL 10 BIRTHDAY CAKE LOCATIONS)

    In addition to the cake dances, players need to complete two other challenges for this week’s Battle Pass. Those are a little easier though; one requires playing 14 matches in the Battle Royale mode and the other asks players to deal 1,000 points of damage. But really it’s the cakes that are the themed portion of this week’s challenge for the Fortnite 1st Birthday celebration. 

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  • Be warned, that once you've claimed the first stopwatch, the second one will spawn a deceptively long way away. To reach this second stopwatch, you'll nearly always need to build your way to it. Don't attempt to take an ATK to make your journey easier, as this will only end up complicating matters when you're attempting to traverse to the final stopwatch.

    Read full information : Fortnite Timed Trials Locations - Week 3 Challenge Guide

    This is just one of the Week 3 Challenges for all Fortnite Battle Royale players, that are live right now to be taken on as part of Season 6. For a complete walkthrough of how to accomplish the six additional challenges, head over to our Fortnite Week 3 Challenges guide 

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  • Paradise Palms is one of the new areas added to the map with the season 5 update. If you want to know where you can find chests in that area, you can read the possible locations below:
    1. You will find a few chests if you go towards the Northeast corner of the Paradise Palms. At the top level of the second building if you are going west, you will be able to spot a chest sitting on the bed. You will also be able to see this chest if you fly in towards that area.

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    2. If you go to the far Northeast corner of the Paradise Palms, you will see a building. Go into the building and then go to its bedroom. You will be able to spot a chest in the bedroom sitting next to the bed by the wall.
    3. Now if you go outside, you will get another chest at the top of a camper van that is parked outside in that area. 

    4. If you go to the southeast area of the map. You will be able to find another chest. Just go inside the house and then head directly up the stairs that are in the corner. Go in the room by the stairs and you will be able to see the chest sitting in the corner of that room.
    5. There is a building right at the center of the Paradise Palms, head up there, it will be the one by the palm tree at each of the four corners. You will be able to spot a chest if you go to the square flower bed that is in the courtyard. 

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