• 7 Best Grocery Shopping List Apps

    You're running to the store after work but realize you left your list at home (ugh). Instead of standing in the dairy aisle wondering how much milk you have left, next time use your phone as your personal grocery shopping assistant. The newest and latest grocery shopping list apps take out all the work for you, whether you want to share a virtual list with your spouse, find easy deals, or check out the nutrition facts for whatever you're buying.

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    7 Best Grocery Shopping List Apps

    These are the absolute best shopping time-savers, as chosen by the Good Housekeeping Institute's Chief Technologist Rachel Rothman and Nutrition Director Jaclyn London, MS, RD, CDN. With a near-perfect 4.9-rating on the App Store, AnyList lives up to its name, especially in the grocery shopping department. The Autocomplete feature suggests common items as you type, and then intuitively organizes them into categories. (You can still adjust the sections based on your favorite store.) Share lists easily via email with as many people as you want — any changes will sync instantly.